7th Dragon III Code VFD [USA] [3DS] [VENOM]

7th Dragon III Code VFD

The long-awaited RPG series finally makes its way out of Japan with 7th Dragon III Code VFD In the year 2100, dragons have descended upon earth and humanity.


    7th Dragon III Code VFD 3DS-VENOM

    Region: USA
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Game Genre: Action, RPG
    Game Size: 1.59 GB
    Release Date: Jul 12, 2016
    Developed By: SEGA
    Published By: SEGA
    Languages: English
    Game Mode: Single Player / Multi Player
    Game Media: 3DS Format


    The apocalypse is heralded by the appearance of seven dragons. One after another, they have invaded earth and are beginning to ravage the human race. Once the seventh appears, there’s no hope for mankind… unless you turn back time in 7th Dragon Code VFD.

    Fight dragons and experience the long-awaited series making its way out of Japan for the first time! Travel through three different eras with your team of dragon hunters and get ready for some turn-based, dungeon-crawling RPG action! Build your team and fight for your life! With eight classes, many voice options, and numerous appearance variations, customizing your team has never been easier. When your team needs a break between dungeons, make time for side quests, base building, dating, and a cat café. Do you have what it takes to take down the True Dragons?


    7th Dragon III Code VFD
    7th Dragon III Code VFD
    7th Dragon III Code VFD
    7th Dragon III Code VFD



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