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Action Legion Update v1.1.0 [CODEX]

Action Legion Update

Action Legion Update v1.1.0 introduce fixes and balance tweaks, topped with a new Hardcore Mode for the daredevil bunch who already passed the campaign once!


    Action Legion Update v1.1.0-CODEX

    Release Group: CODEX
    Game Genre: Action, Indie
    Game Size: 193 MB
    Release Date: 14 June, 2016
    Developed By: Aeonic Entertainment
    Published By: Aeonic Entertainment
    Operating System: Windows (7, 8, 8,1. 10)


    Action Legion is a mouse-controlled, single-player war game on the Windows PC with comparable similarities to classics such as Cannon Fodder. Fight your way through waves of enemies using an array of weapons, destroy enemy structures and bases, and defeat tough boss fights in this classical single-player epic!

    In Action Legion, you step in to the role of a Legion Captain. Start your planetary invasion and defeat the evil forces of the infamous Prognati, who have been wreaking havoc and causing torment to the local, peaceful tribes of the planet PN MDCVIII. Once a luscious paradise, now stripped of its original beauty and turned into an enslaved mining dystopy by the Prognati, your mission is to rid the planet and its people of the Prognati menace, once and for all!



    * New playmode: HC mode where you have limited amount of legionnaires and par times in missions (available once you have completed the game once)
    * Three new achievements for HC mode
    * New weapon Mater Gatling gun, available in HC mode
    * Gamepad can be connected during game play. After connecting it, go to options and select gamepad from Controllers tab


    * Fixed missing laser beam in Bat Country
    * Performance improvements to decal system
    * Fixed gamepad navigation issues in menues after returning from mission
    * Fixed time shown in Stats view
    * Fixed tribal elder path issues in Temple of doom
    * Fixed dialog background issue when using DirectX 9
    * Character gender and skin colour is no longer randomized at every mission start
    * Removed kamikazes from Hoc est bellum
    * Fixed: in some cases spawner bunkers didn’t stop spawning enemies when they were destroyed
    * Removed one sniper from When it rains, it pours
    * Fixed camera lead when playing with keyboard
    * Sniper won’t shoot the player out of snipers spot range after player visited the spot range



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