Animal Crossing New Leaf [3DS] [EUR]

Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS

The charming community-building franchise returns for with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Nintendo 3DS entry into this popular franchise introduces a number of options new to Animal Crossing.


    Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS EUR 3DS-CONTRAST

    Region: EUR
    Platform: 3DS
    Game Genre: Simulation
    Game Size: 1.0 GB
    Release Date: June 9, 2013
    Developed By: Nintendo
    Published By: Monolith Soft
    Languages: ENG, FRE, GER, ITA, SPA
    Game Mode: Single Player
    Game Media: 3DS Format


    Animal Crossing New Leaf (Japanese: とびだせ どうぶつの森 Hepburn: Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori?, “Animal Forest Jump Out”) is a life simulation video game for the Nintendo 3DS console and the fourth main title in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series, where the player character lives in a rural village populated with anthropomorphic animals. In this installment, the player takes on the role of the town mayor instead of a normal villager. The game was first released on November 8, 2012, in Japan and was later released in North America, Europe and Australia in June 2013. The game has received very positive reviews, gaining aggregate scores of 88 and 86.93% on Metacritic and GameRankings, so far making it the highest rated game in the Animal Crossing series.

    Animal Crossing New Leaf introduces many new features to the series. Players will begin the game living in a tent, rather than a house, that will eventually be upgraded and expanded. Customization, a major facet of the series, particularly in the player’s ability to modify the character’s appearance and furnish the living space, has also been enhanced. The character’s pants can now be modified in addition to their shirt, shoes, hat, and accessory; and the ability to hang furniture on walls has been added. Features previously used in the Japanese exclusive Dōbutsu no Mori e+ for the Nintendo GameCube, such as benches and lamp posts, which had been removed from following releases, have returned. Another addition is the new ability to swim in the ocean that borders the village. Players may visit each other’s towns using the Nintendo Network and can be added to a friend’s list that allows them to exchange messages with one another, while up to four players at a time can travel to the tropical Tortimer Island to take part in various minigames that award medals.


    Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS
    Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS



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