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Fragments of Him Update v1.21 [CODEX]

Fragments of Him Update

Fragments of Him Update v1.21 introduce fixes and balance tweaks, topped with new improvements.


    Fragments of Him Update v1.21-CODEX

    Release Group: CODEX
    Game Genre: Casual, Indie
    Game Size: 380 MB
    Release Date: 14 June, 2016
    Developed By: Sassybot
    Published By: Sassybot
    Operating System: Windows (7, 8, 8,1. 10)


    Fragments of Him is an interactive narrative experience told from a second person perspective. The story revolves around a tragic accident, and the life of the victim and his loved ones before and after the incident. The player plays through the events and the locations as if they were the spirit or intellect of the characters, making decisions and starting actions that progress the story. Follow the story of Will as you see how he influenced the lives of his grandmother Mary, his ex-girlfriend Sarah, and his boyfriend Harry. Through this snapshot of their lives we see that when a young man suddenly dies, left behind there will always be Fragments of Him.


    – Fixed a number of broken dialogue links
    – Fixed a clipping issue when Harry is close to a window
    – Filler characters in the student bar should now properly fade in and out
    – Reduced duration of final credits scroll

    – Realtime shadows in Mary’s garden
    – Improved on cobblestone material in Mary’s garden
    – Added updated cabinet model in flat
    – Corrected texture direction on certain models
    – Corrected smoothing on model normals
    – Fixed normals on oven in flat
    – Nudging the player out of the way for Mary on stools in the Christmas scene
    – A door in the Christmas scene was clipping through its frame
    – Outline on student bar entrance is now more visible
    – Addressed a clipping issue with a character in the student bar
    – Nudging player on certain cinema interactions to prevent clipping

    Known issues:
    – Not having a DX11 compatible graphics card will crash the game
    – Forcing the game to run in DX9 mode will allow it to run, but some shaders will not work properly.



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