Germinator [PSN] [PS3] [PSFR33]

Germinator PSN

Germinator is a character-filled twist on bubble-popping games for the PS3 and PSVita.


    Germinator PSN PS3-PSFR33

    Media: PSN
    Platform: Playstation 3
    Game Genre: Strategy
    Game Size: 305 MB
    Release Date: 14 June, 2016
    Developed By: Creat Studios
    Published By: Creat Studios
    Language English
    Game Mode: Single Player


    The full PS3™ system and PS Vita system versions feature Cross-Save, shared trophies and rankings! Something messy is festering in suburbia, and only one hero can save the day! Germinator twists the bubble genre, wiping away old school match-three. Crash germ bubbles into those of the same color. Combine and grow them until they explode in a splattering goop. Trigger power-ups to pop them all and mess up the screen. Timing and accuracy are the keys to solving puzzles and preventing the germs from rising too high. 75 story levels will keep you coming back to clean every room in the house and 75 puzzle levels will test your crafty sanitization skills. Local multiplayer lets you battle your friends or the AI for sterilization supremacy. Unlimited arcade mode provides an onslaught of gooey germs to disinfect. Add Playstation®Move motion controller support and full 1080p for a messy good time. Join the cleansing battle with the Germinator now!

    1-2 players
    HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    PlayStation®Move motion controller and PlayStation®Eye camera optional
    PlayStation®Move navigation controller or Wireless Controller optional.


    Germinator PSN
    Germinator PSN
    Germinator PSN
    Germinator PSN



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