The Last Dream Developers Edition [PROPHET]

The Last Dream Developers Edition

A well-made and intelligently written casual adventure with an intriguing and touching story.


    The Last Dream Developers Edition-PROPHET

    Release Group: PROPHET
    Game Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
    Game Size: 1.09 GB
    Release Date: 1 August, 2014
    Developed By: Specialbit Studio
    Published By: Specialbit Studio
    Languages: ENG, FRE, CZH, RUS
    Game Mode: Single Player
    Operating System: Windows (7, 8, 8,1. 10)


    The Last Dream Developers Edition is a casual adventure game which, despite having some classic casual elements, will also offer a greater challenge for more experienced gamers.

    “Every night your beloved wife Elizabeth, who died in a car accident, comes to you in your dreams. She seems to be calling for you – why? One morning you find a strange clue from your dream which sets you on to a path full of adventure and intrigue – the path to your wife? Your reality is now mixed with your dreams as you battle with unimaginable invisible forces that are trying to stop you meeting with Elizabeth. Undeterred, you pursue her ghost, discovering new clues in a variety of locations as well as meeting a fluffy feline who will help you on your way. Is this reality or a dream? Whatever it is, you know you have no choice – after all, you love your wife and are ready to do anything to save her…”

    Developers edition features:

    • Gripping storyline, full of intrigue and adventure
    • Live action cut-scenes and gorgeous graphics
    • Steam achievements to unlock
    • Bonus chapter for completing the main game
    • 19 versatile mini games and 10 fragmented object scenes
    • Steam trading cards
    • The cat helper will be near
    • 7 cat toys to find
    • 10 photographs to collect

    The Last Dream Developers Edition
    The Last Dream Developers Edition
    The Last Dream Developers Edition
    The Last Dream Developers Edition



    The Last Dream Developers Edition Minimum PC Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
    Processor: 1.5Ghz
    Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    Graphics: 256 MB VRAM
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Storage: 3000 MB available space
    Sound Card: Is not essential


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