Rhythm Heaven Megamix [EUR] [3DS] [PUSSYCAT]

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Heaven Megamix is a rhythm game developed by Nintendo SPD for the Nintendo 3DS.


    Rhythm Heaven Megamix EUR 3DS-PUSSYCAT

    Region: EUR
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Game Genre: Simulation
    Game Size: 541 MB
    Release Date: 15 October, 2016
    Developed By: Nintendo SPD
    Published By: Nintendo SPD
    Languages: ENG, GER, ITA, SPA, FRE
    Game Mode: Single Player
    Game Media: 3DS Format


    Play along to the ultimate Rhythm Paradise playlist in Rhythm Paradise Megamix, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems! More than 100 rhythm games await, including greatest hits from the series and all-new entries! In time to infectious tunes, created in partnership with legendary Japanese music producer Tsunku♂, test your rhythm by chopping wood, sticking speeding viruses with forks, playing badminton while flying, and much more. Staying on beat is the aim in these deceptively challenging quick-fire rhythm games! You might recognise returning rhythm games from Rhythm Paradise and Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, but there are also some from the original Game Boy Advance title, which was never released in Europe!

    In a first for the series, Rhythm Paradise Megamix includes a story mode. A strange creature called Tibby has fallen from the sky, and you’re just the person to get him back home. How? By besting rhythm games, of course! It’s as simple as pressing a button, or tapping the Touch Screen, in time to the music. Audio and visual cues will guide you to hit the right beats – but don’t grow to rely on them too hard, as they’ll change or disappear to try and distract you!

    Think your timing is top tier? Head over to Challenge Land to take on some tough trials, solo or with friends via Local Play or Download Play!*


    Rhythm Heaven Megamix
    Rhythm Heaven Megamix
    Rhythm Heaven Megamix
    Rhythm Heaven Megamix



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