Sega 3D Classics Collection [EUR] [3DS] [PUSSYCAT]

SEGA 3D Classics Collection 3DS Cover

Sega 3D Classics Collection is a Sega Genesis compilation game developed by M2 and published by Sega for the Nintendo 3DS.


    SEGA 3D Classics Collection EUR 3DS-PUSSYCAT

    Region: EUR
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Game Genre: Action, Adventure
    Game Size: 138 MB
    Release Date: 4 November 2016
    Developed By: M2
    Published By: SEGA
    Languages: ENG, GER, SPA, ITA, FRE
    Game Mode: Single Player
    Game Media: 3DS Format


    A collection of 9 classic SEGA games in one game! From the arcades straight to your Nintendo 3DS, experience the classics that defined the genres in gameplay. Choose a game to suit your mood! Shooting, racing, action, puzzle, and more!

    With over a half million units in combined sales worldwide, SEGA’s digital series, 3D Classics, brings gamers back to the glory days of the beloved SEGA hardware systems. Popular titles from the Master System, Genesis, Mega Drive, and Giga Drive arrive on the Nintendo 3DS-remastered with full stereoscopic 3D. The best part? FOUR of the NINE classics are available on 3DS for the first time! Making its first appearance on retail shelves, this compilation package takes the series’ fantastic offerings and packs it with additional exclusive content for unbeatable value!


    • Nine Games in One Fantastic Compilation
    • Includes: Sonic The Hedgehog, Altered Beast (local wireless multiplayer), Galaxy Force II, Thunder Blade, 3D Fantasy Zone II W, Power Drift, Puyo Puyo 2 (local wireless multiplayer)
    • Bonus 3D Sega Master System Games: Maze Walker (aka Maze Hunter), Fantasy Zone II
    • Not just ported-remade in 3D: Developer M2 recreated the originals by breaking down the original game code and doing a major renovation to take full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS system’s power.

    SEGA 3D Classics Collection
    SEGA 3D Classics Collection
    SEGA 3D Classics Collection
    SEGA 3D Classics Collection



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