Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem [JPN] [WIIU] [P2P]

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem WIIU

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is a mix of the two games, but if you expected a dark and depressing tactics title, you’re more than a bit off the mark.


    Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem JPN WIIU-P2P

    Region: JPN
    Platform: Wii U
    Game Genre: RPG
    Game Size: 12.46 GB
    Release Date: December 26, 2015
    Developed By: Atlus
    Published By: Intelligent Systems
    Languages: Japanese
    Game Mode: Single Player
    Game Media: WUOD Format


    Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE crosses over two of the greatest RPGs from Japanese game designers Intelligent Systems and Atlus for a tale of youth and heroes guided by destiny.

    A sinister force from another dimension has invaded modern-day Tokyo, resulting in a fantastical barrage of style, fashion, music and, of course, danger. So play to your strengths in high-energy turn-based battles, then fuse items to craft powerful weapons and crush your foes. Around every corner you’ll find fan-service—including Fire Emblem references—original songs by Japanese entertainment giant Avex, dungeons themed after the entertainment industry and eye-catching music performances.

    Seeing how this game is a celebration of not only Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei but also J-pop culture, Atlus and Nintendo will be unable to provide a full audio translation without losing the feeling of the Japanese setting. Instead, the North American release will contain the original Japanese audio track, and only subtitles and English menu options will be added.

    Of all the great JRPGs coming out in 2016, I still believe this one is the craziest of the bunch, and I’ve waited a long time to see how these classic franchises mesh up with such a bubblegum presentation. June 24 can’t come soon enough.


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    Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem box shot



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