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TASTEE Lethal Tactics offers a full-featured package of deep strategic combat that manages to avoid overcomplicating things like controls and menus.


    TASTEE Lethal Tactics-CODEX

    Release Group: CODEX
    Game Genre: Indie, Strategy
    Game Size: 2.23 GB
    Release Date: 10 May, 2016
    Developed By: SkyBox Labs
    Published By: SkyBox Labs
    Languages: English, Russian, German
    Game Mode: Single Player
    Operating System: Windows (7, 8, 8,1. 10)


    One of Destructoid’s top indie games to look for in 2016.

    This is TASTEE: we do take out.

    You are the director, you will coordinate a master plan using every tool at your disposal. Off the books, unsanctioned and highly illegal, you’ll be doing the dirty work the government can’t.

    They are elite, elusive, and deliciously dangerous. Independents and rogues, these mercs do not play well with others and we’re going to cram them all into your rundown diner: TASTEE. They’re an unruly powder keg waiting for a spark…but fortunately most of these guys like explosions. This is your team.

    Your job is to recruit these hired guns and form the TASTEE team; use them to orchestrate missions to take down the Cartel. Misfits and outcasts, each merc has refined their own personal MO when it comes to death and destruction. Their unique set of skills is exactly what you’ll need to steal guns, interrupt supply lines, save hostages, formulate traps, and execute epic gunfights on your mission to take down The Cowboy – the big boss responsible for a global crime epidemic. Lethal tactics have been authorized… Good luck.


    • Single Player Mission Mode:
    • 30 Missions across 10 locations
    • Recruit mercs, each with their own unique skillset
    • Mission Leaderboards – Replay missions, best your own scores and top others’ to climb the global leaderboards.

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    TASTEE Lethal Tactics Minimum PC Requirements:

    OS: Windows Vista
    Processor: Dual Core, 2.5Ghz (Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2)
    Memory: 4096 MB RAM
    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series / Nvidia GTX 200 Series / Intel HD 4400 Series
    DirectX: Version 10
    Storage: 1 GB available space


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