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TransOcean 2 Rivals Update v1.0.12 [CODEX]

TransOcean 2 Rivals Update

TransOcean 2 Rivals Update v1.0.12 brings bug fixes and it also offers numerous game improvements.


    TransOcean 2 Rivals Update v1.0.12-CODEX

    Release Group: CODEX
    Game Genre: Simulation, Strategy
    Game Size: 15 MB
    Release Date: 18 June, 2016
    Developed By: Deck13 Hamburg
    Published By: Astragon Entertainment GmbH
    Operating System: Windows (7, 8, 8,1. 10)


    In TransOcean 2: Rivals you face a new challenge as the boss of your own shipping line: The international competition has gotten a lot tougher and the battle for the most lucrative contracts has only just begun. Will you succeed in sweeping your rivals from the seven seas and leading your shipping line to global success and renown?


    New feature:

      • Cargo is now graphically displayed on containerships.

    Bug fixes:

    • Some issues connected to the screen resolution have been resolved.
    • The game can now be played using a 21:9 resolution. However, not the whole screen will be used, therefore there will be black bars on the left- and right-hand side.
    • Now the newsticker messages regarding repairs and upgrades close automatically as soon as the relevant messages have become obsolete or irrelevant.
    • The shipping company comparison is now also displayed correctly when there are no AI opponents.
    • A ships destination remains in effect even if it is being refueled after the destination has been chosen.
    • Several user interface issues have been fixed.
    • A bug that allowed ships to be bought in ports lacking a shipyard has been fixed.
    • An incompatibility of graphic cards using an AMD Radeon 380 chipset has been resolved.
    • The zoom settings of the mini game no longer influence the zoom level of the world map.
    • When the tutorial is being cancelled the corresponding voice output will also fade out.
    • Multiplayer: The icon animations are now played correctly in the whole game.
    • Multiplayer: It now no longer happens that there are no starting ships available at the beginning of a match.


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