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A World of Keflings is a city-building video game developed by NinjaBee for the Wii U. It is sequel to the 2008 game A Kingdom for Keflings


Release Name: A World of Keflings
Release Group : EXCLUSIVE
Game Genre: Simulation
File Size: 620 MB
Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French


Embark on a giant kingdom-building adventure journeying to exotic lands and helping your new, tiny Kefling friends along the way in A World of Keflings! Play as your Mii and help the friendly, little Keflings harvest resources, assemble buildings and create thriving cities in desert, forest and ice kingdoms. Mine stone and crystal, harvest lumber and wool, and craft elaborate buildings. Have fun creating and customizing beautiful cities filled with fountains, workshops, castles and more! Complete quests to help the Keflings solve their problems. Compose new music or recreate your favorite songs by shooting Keflings through musical cannons. Build a robot, rescue the princess, make friends with a dragon and help a creepy witch get even creepier in this exciting, friendly, city-building adventure!

The game follows the player’s Avatar (or Mii, in the Wii U version), who is a giant in the world of the Keflings. As in the previous game, the Keflings are a minute people, similar to gnomes or elves, who need the player’s assistance to build-up their kingdoms. The player helps them by harvesting resources and constructing buildings, tasks that can be delegated to the Keflings as well. Throughout the game, the player completes missions and visits three separate kingdoms; the Ice Kingdom, the Forest Kingdom, and the Desert Kingdom. Each kingdom features its own unique climate, resources, and characters. The player can gain access to additional content if they also own ilomilo or Raskulls.

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A World of Keflings
A World of Keflings
A World of Keflings
A World of Keflings

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