Xbox One Hacked via HDD Trick

Xbox One Hacked

Xbox One Hacked via HDD Trick Similar to PS4 with Durango XDK by H4LT

A few years back we reported on the first XBox One game dump, and according to reports similar to the PS4 PSN Trick it appears an Xbox One HDD method to run game backups is now possible using the leaked Durango XDK (SDK) from scene release group H4LT.

Download: XboxOne_NOV_SDK.rar (473.9 MB)

To quote from, roughly translated: “It was not that long and the Xbox One is already reportedly hacked.

It seems that a group of hackers / crackers, call it as you want, find a way to install games to the console without having to pay for the games. This whole report comes from India, where on one of the forums thread has appeared where the Xbox One for sale and pre-loaded games. The console can send them to or buy directly from them.

  • Initially, there were responses that it is a scam, but it did not take long, and some members of the Forum undertook to take that chance and then confirm that you really get your Xbox back with a 1TB HDD full games.
  • On the train, I found over 20 people who confirmed that it is not a scam and a photo as evidence, and it was a long-time visitors to the forum, some already registered in 2011 more than a thousand entries.
  • This report is not spread too far, but apparently everything is possible thanks to the SDK package, which published the team H4LT in December 2014.
  • For about 10 Euros you can have 30 full games, at least such is the price currently.
  • Very interesting what you say? It seems that while their trick secret and his ‘hack’ just a regional spread.”
  • I don’t follow the XBox scene at all, so if anyone knows more on this method or can confirm it feel free to comment below!
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    Xbox One Hacked Sources: 1, 2, 3

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    • sthetix

      that is not a hack!. it’s a game sharing method. No XDK invoved either.
      You should check and recheck before posting this

      • Hassan

        Are you able to understand the Indonesian language in forum?

        • sthetix

          sure, i am from there too

          • Hassan

            Is it the same method cloning method like PS4?

            • sthetix

              No HDD cloning, No profile cloning
              Just pure game sharing. it is documented well here :

              you might asked how he can get the games inside a profile ..correct?
              He bought the games legally with cheap gift card (maybe carded gift card , from other seller or himself did it)

              i have debunked it here too :

              so, Xbox One is NOT hacked yet. The saddest thing is, in my country, many gamer does not care much about carded stuff, as long as they get cheap games, they are happy with it.

              if you want to know more about it in english, i can do that.

            • Hassan

              But mate gamesharing required console set as home option.

            • sthetix

              yes i know that.
              i am aware of that
              i am sure you dont know the details
              ms system has a flaw. do you need me to tell the trick here?

            • Hassan

              Yes i want to know.

            • sthetix

              I make this tutorial as simple as possible

              concept is, there is a master profile (user ID / gamertag).
              The master profile can contain a single game or collection of games (you can put a single email for each games e.g [email protected] for gears of war ultimate games, or you can have an email such as [email protected] for some collection of games).

              how did he put the games into the profile? easy.
              He bought it from Amazon or Xbox Store using a gift card or using a stolen credit card.
              there are lots of gift card sellers here, and some sell it for 50% or less – they use ….stolen credit card of course..or they just bought a stolen gift card from somebody else. the main thing is — using stolen credit card.

              so, after he loaded the games in it…..he copied the games to external HDD. You must be aware that you can copy or move digital games to external HDD. It is a legal feature from Microsoft.

              then he grab his customer’s console, logged in using the master profile, set that console as his home console and then he copied the games from external HDD to internal hdd or console’s external hdd. Note that in order for xbox one to work, at least one profile should exist in the console. That profile should be the customers’ user profile. Or he can customize a new user profile as requested by his customer.

              After all the games loaded, and the games updated, he set the console offline. Then he delete the master profile off the console. And you know what..the games are playable – because he has set the console as home console remember?

              Then he told his customer to stay away from internet to avoid the games to be unplayable.

              Then, he grab the second console, do the same as before and then told the customer’s to stay offline forever.

              At this stage, he has set the home console 3X ( one at the master’s console, and 2X at the target/ customer’s console)..

              Then he did live chat with MS, to reset the home console limit – and did the same method again for 2 other console. and more..and more.

              When you have a hijacked or stolen credit card or gift card.., you dont actually pay for the games..that’s why he can load the games infinitely.

              tricky but works!..

              not a hack..

            • Hassan

              But mate the XBOX Games arent playble offline. I have few accounts of games and my personal games account they both wont work without internet.

            • sthetix

              you just dont even know xbox one either. if you dont believe me, just forget what i told you.

            • Hassan

              You were right i just tried by setting console as home the games were playable in offline mode.

    • frexbox